Generates new hospital revenue with no investment or risk.

There are many people in outlying communities who suffer from chronic pain who may not be willing or able to travel into large cities for treatment. Treating patients in their hometown at the community hospital, by healthcare providers they know, has been a positive experience for the local populations and for the serving hospitals, physicians, and clinics.

MDR's™ Affiliate brings comprehensive Pain Management to community and rural Hospitals. A clinic-based Nurse Practitioner, trained by our pain specialized team, provides pain-related care management. Trained physicians provide Interventional Pain Management procedures in community and rural Hospital out-patient settings to people in the community experiencing pain.

Program Features:

Includes Pain-Specific Nurse Practitioner Training - Provides specialty, pain-specific, training to Nurse Practitioners to attend to the unique needs of pain patients.

Provides Revenue Enhancement - Increases cash flow opportunities for Hospitals through Comprehensive Pain Management service offerings.

Conducts a No-Cost Feasibility Study – Physician practice data is analyzed to determine a projected volume of patients who meet eligibility criteria and Hospital contracts are incorporated to forecast revenue for Interventional Pain Procedures.

Ensures High Quality Compliance - Compliance oversight by Board Certified Interventional Pain Specialist to ensure all state and federal regulations are met.

Facilitates Nurse Practitioner, Physician, and Clinical Staff Training – Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, and the Hospital’s Clinical Staff have access to training to manage pain patients, perform and support basic Interventional Pain Management Program.

Includes Marketing Program – Markets new service line to local community and surrounding areas.

Covers staffing, equipment, and supply costs – Pays all staffing salary, wages, and benefits while procedures are performed as well as medication costs, delivery devices, monitors and associated equipment.

Includes Electronic Medical Record – Proprietary system generates comprehensive procedure reports for medical record and Hospital billing to payers. Business office training, system maintenance, and support is included.

Includes ongoing quality management program with benchmarking.

"Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17

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