"Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17
Stop Shipping Your Money Away

MDR’s™ Parcel Negotiation & Auditing Services help clients reduce FedEx and UPS parcel shipping services through small package negotiation and parcel auditing services. Upon completion of an extensive analysis of  clients' current characteristics, MDR’s™  Partner will identify key areas for reducing cost—leveraging experience and expertise to  ensure a maximum reduction in expenses.

Solution Offering:

  • Performs free analysis of small parcel shipping activity for customers and determines savings opportunities through an extensive rate analysis

  • Recommends strategy and advises staff on the most effective approach

  • Works behind the scenes to ensure market appropriate rates are secured and relationships are maintained between the customer and the carriers

  • Provides team with substantiated recommendations relative to the proper positioning and timeline for each step of the 6-8 week negotiation process
  • Minimizes customer involvement to 4-6 hours over the entire negotiation process
  • Provides a weekly invoice that contains a breakdown of carrier charges by service level

  • Compares discounts of current agreement with those received prior to the negotiation of new contract

  • Ensures carrier is in compliance with the terms set forth within the agreement and that all billing is accurate

  • Provides a weekly breakdown of charges that illustrates the bottom-line impact of the demonstrated savings

  • Offers web-based proprietary software gives invoice a 50-point inspection each week

  • Files for credits automatically from the carrier on all identifiable errors

  • Offers parcel audit customers access to a surplus of tailored and ad-hoc reports

  • Develops custom reporting to meet individual business needs

  • Identifies soft-dollar savings opportunities that further add to the bottom-line impact

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